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Birthday Party Games

A birthday celebration party for kids is never complete without birthday games. Not only does it encourage physical activity, games bring in lots of laughter too. We understand that, and that is why have games that are instant hits among children. Whether it is for boys or girls, we bring in the best of classics and the latest popular games for both your kid and other children to enjoy. Here are some of the birthday games that we have available for you.

This is one of the most popular birthday games and children love it. In pass the parcel, we wrap small prizes equal to the number of children present. They sit in a circle with the music playing the background. Once it stops, the kid holding the parcel unwraps a layer. This continues until the last layer has been unwrapped and the child holding the parcel wins. We include prizes for everyone in the box, so that no kid feels sad and left out. This game is a classic and keeps the children occupied and happy for hours.

Kids love the adventure of treasure hunting. We let the kids imagine that they are on a treasure hunt. Before the party, we create a treasure map and hide treasures(prizes) all around the party place. We divide them into teams, so each team can follow the map and seek out the exciting tokens and treasures. The team which collects all the treasures first, wins. This is a simple game, but invites a lot of fun.

copyright @ 2017 I Dreamz Heaven
copyright @ 2017 I Dreamz Heaven